2018 Bike Swap

It's finally here! The Switch-bike Swap-back! No, wait, the Swap-back Bike-switch! Err, I mean, the Bike-back Switch-swap! Agh! Anyway, it's this cool thing where you can buy and sell used bikes and bike stuff!

Sunday, March 11, 2018 from 11a-2p at Creston Brewery (1504 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505)

Here's how it works:
* Any buyer or seller gets $2 off a delicious beer. (Thanks, Creston Brewery!)

* Sellers who can attend the event should arrive at the Brewery between 10a-11a on Sunday morning. You will be given a table, a seller number and a sales pad. You may set your prices and negotiate with buyers as you please. When you reach a deal, fill out a sales slip and send them up to the checkout table. We will run all transactions through our computer and take a 10% commission of all sales. A detailed report of your sales and your payout check will be mailed within a week of the swap (in store pickup will be an option as well).

Sellers are encouraged to attend, but if you have something to sell, and can't make it, you can drop it off the week before. We will help you price your items and transport them to and from the event. No items may be dropped off at Switchback on Sunday, March 11.

* Buyers peruse, enjoy their beverages, and score sweet bike stuff between 11a-2p!