Use these guidelines as a starting point for determining the value of your not-used-enough outdoor gear. Remember, as soon as you buy most things, it looses about 50% of it's value!

Category: Typical Resale Value/Max Percentage Paid to Seller

Bikes*: $175 - $500/50%

Tents: $20 - $150/50%

Backpacks: $50 - $150/50%

Sleeping Bags/Pads: $15 - $60/40%

Backpacking Stoves: $20 - $55/40%

Clothing and Footwear: $30 - $125/30%

*If a bike may retail for more than $500, contact us to discuss the details.

*The above numbers are just estimates. Percentage paid to seller will vary based on demand and condition of each item. We are happy to give more detailed quotes via email.