Give Gear

October's Give Gear campaign earned our NPO's a total of $744.00!


Switchback loves to give back to our community and we want to encourage others do the same. This February, instead of buying gear from customers, we will only accept donations of your gear to benefit local non-profit organizations and schools. The money we would normally pay for the equipment will be given directly to the organization you choose from the list below:

American Cancer Society

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, consider donating to a national organization that truly changes lives.

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Preserving the essence of place and inspiring curiosity, the Grand Rapids Public museum is the oldest and second largest museum in Michigan. The museum's mission is to inspire children and adults to love learning and "Be Curious."

Blandford Nature Center

Blandford Nature Center has been a sanctuary for outdoor-loving residents of Grand Rapids for years. Contribute to keeping Mary Jane Dockery's vision a vibrant and accessible champion of environmental education.

Humane Society of West Michigan

What can we say... we love dogs. The Humane Society works tirelessly to protect and serve our four-legged friends who can't speak for or care for themselves.

C.A. Frost Environmental Academy (Grand Rapids Public Schools)

A school with a strong environmental education foundation built into their curriculum that serves a diverse population on the west side of Grand Rapids.

Central Middle School (Forest Hills Public Schools)

Thanks to the leadership of individuals like Lea Sevigny, Central Middle School offers environmental education through a unique communications class focussed on the arts.

Not sure what to bring in? Click HERE to see what items we are looking for. 

To make your tax-deductible donation on behalf of these non-profit organizations, please bring your equipment to Switchback Gear Exchange during open hours.

If you aren't interested in participating in Give Gear, we will begin buying equipment again starting March 1st.