Meet The Guides

Sam: Trip Leader

Sam came to us in April 2016 because he loves gear shops and the adventures they facilitate. At Switchback, he appreciates that the gear has character, that he never knows what cool things are going to end up on our shelves, and that we are able to fosoutdter an oor lifestyle for our staff and customers.  Sam’s outdoor adventures usually involve backpacking, bike rides with friends, and drinking beer on porches or by campfires.

Sam grew up hiking and playing outside, but now as an adult he has found that playing outside is not only a pastime, but also a crucial part of living a healthy and happy life. In 2014 he successfully thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. He describes that trip as “constantly being sore while hiking and living in the most beautiful places.” These days Sam puts his hiking history to use by planning and leading trips for Switchback Expeditions. To further his Guide qualifications, Sam was certified as a wilderness first responder by NOLS in 2018.



Other guide Bio's are on their way, check back soon!



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