Meet the SOS Course Leaders


Switchback Outdoor School Leader

Sam came to us in April 2016 because he loved Switchbacks commitment to growing the outdoor community through used gear and down to earth services.  These day's, Switchback is becoming more than just a gear shop, and Sam is constantly excited at the new opportunities his job involves. 

Sam grew up hiking and playing outside, but now as an adult he has found that playing outside is not only a pastime, but also a crucial part of living a healthy and happy life. In 2014 he successfully thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. He describes that trip as “constantly being sore while hiking and living in the most beautiful places.” These days Sam puts his hiking history to use by planning and leading classes and adventures for Switchback Outdoor School. To further his Guide qualifications, Sam was certified as a wilderness first responder by NOLS in 2018.



SOS Leaders

Elizabeth attended Switchback's first trip to the AT in October 2018 looking for adventure and came back hooked!

A long-time Switchback customer, Elizabeth is excited co-lead expeditions and help bring the experience of the Appalachian Trail to more people. Elizabeth is a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher, and when she is not hiking, she is can be found at fellow Creston Neighbor Urban Massage, or at The Hive Yoga on Alpine.

Hiking and spending time outdoors has been a huge part of Elizabeth's life since hiking and camping with her family throughout her childhood, and she is grateful to be a part of the Switchback team and continue to share her love of the outdoors!



In 2014, Mimi went to Chile to study abroad for school. While Mimi already knew she loved to be outside, this trip encouraged her to keep blooming into the outdoors badass that she is. While it may seem difficult to beat a trip to Chile, Mimi considers one of the coolest places she's been to be the Lake Superior Provincial Park, where she spent several days backpacking.

When she is not studying or working as a nurse (she recently completed her RN exam like a champ), she can be found snowboarding, climbing, hiking, or teaching others how to surf in Lake Superior. On top of that, Mimi is starting to add ice climbing to her list of ways to play outside.

More Bio's are on their way, check back soon!