Leaving no trace at Nordhouse Dunes: June 13-15th

Quick Facts: $275, 3 days, 15-20 miles. 

Includes all gear, food, 2 guides, and a pre trip shakedown. 

On this Switchback Expeditions special, you will not only get to explore Nordhouse Dunes... but you'll also get a chance to up your Leave No Trace Game! Join us for a weekend equally filled with good lessons and great views as we travel through some of the less explored parts of the dunes... All while we discuss ways to reduce our impact on beautiful places! 

Are you thinking about joining... but arent quite ready to sign up? Fill out our pre-registration form here to let us know you're thinking of this expedition, ask questions, or to just say hello! 

Nordhouse dunes is becoming one of the most popular backpacking destinations in Lower Michigan, and with good reason! This section of the lake shore boasts incredible sandy ridge lines, miles of lush inland trail, and a gorgeous stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline. Unfortunately.. Beauty like this often comes with crowds and abuse. Now, the Switchback crew has decided that it is time to start doing something about it with our very own wilderness ethics trip! 

All gear is included in the expedition price, and we do require the use of some group equipment. However, if you have any of the following gear that you'd like to use, you will receive the associated discount off of the final price. If you'd like to use your own gear, select "Partial Gear Included" before checkout. 

Transportation is not included in the expedition price. The crew will meet at Lake Michigan Rec Area at noon on Day 1 of the trip. We will organize carpooling for anyone interested in sharing a ride. Let us know if you have transportation concerns and we will do our best to secure a seat for you. 

Item Discount
Backpack $20.00
Sleeping bag $20.00
Sleeping pad $10.00

This expedition has a minimum guest requirement of 5 people. If the minimum requirement is not met after you have already paid, you will be refunded in full or given the option to move your payment to another expedition. Ages 18+

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