Ski and Snowboard Wax and Edge Sharpening Services

Find yourself outdoors (on well-tuned gear).

Let Mike get your downhill or cross country toys ready for anything winter throws at you!

Ski and Snowboard Tune-Up $35

This is our basic package for the winter sports enthusiast, all performed skillfully by hand. It includes:

  • Base cleaning
  • Binding safety check
  • Hotwax and base buff
  • Edge sharpening

Hotwax and Buff $10

It sounds dangerously similar to something you might receive at a Brazillian Spa. Trust me, your skis want this.

  • Base cleaning
  • Hotwax and base buff
  • Choice of several wax types
  • Additional charges may apply for premium waxes

Edge Treatment $30

A refined edge is what Michigan's hard-pack and icy conditions demand. Don't be dull on the hill.

  • Edge sharpening - 0°, 1°, or maybe even 2° if you like to live dangerously...

Bring in those skis and let us take care of you soon.