Switchback Expeditions: Glamping Getaway - Winter Adventures in Marquette

Marquette, Michigan

Quick Facts: Ice Climb, Fat Bike, Cross Country Ski, 5 days (February 7-11), $825-$755, Ages 18+

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Winter can be cold, hard, and brutal in Michigan, but we have the medicine for your winter blues - MORE WINTER. Seriously, the best thing to do during Michigan's Winter is lean into it. So dust off your Stormy Kromer and pack your pasties to join us in Michigan's Winter Wonder Land (that's Marquette, unofficially). We will ice climb in the Pictured Rock National Lake Shore, cross country ski through majestic forests, and Fat Bike the heralded Noquemanon Trail Network. We'll be staying at the foot of Marquette, Mountain so those of you who want to pursue some downhill sports are welcome to as well (but the cost of downhill sport activities aren't included in the price).

Wintery Marquette Snowshoe

We will leave for Marquette via large Van on the morning of the 7th. We'll have a large trailer to bring all your winter toys if you have any. If you don't, we'll take care of you, so don't worry!

We will be spending our evenings at the Rippling River Resort in some totally bad-ass cozy cabins that are heated. We'll even have a luxury version that will allow us to gather, cook, and be social. There's a hot tub nearby, too.

We will ski one day, ice climb the next, and fatbike before our last supper. Evenings will include both traditional yooper activities: cribbage, and going to bars.

When we wake up on the final morning, we will cram back into the van and head south to Grand Rapids. A stop at a northern brewery near Mackinac will be the last of the adventures before we arrive home around 5PM.

Trip price includes all gear, transportation, lodging, and almost all food. You'll want to budget for beer in the evenings and lunch on the way up. If you bring your own bike, we'll take $50 off the price. If you bring your own skis, we can take $20 off. If you can bring your own ice climbing equipment, then holy wa... you may be able to lead the trip.

We hope you'll join us. We are confident this will be one heck-of-a-good time.


Some small changes may occur due to weather or trail conditions

  • February 7th: 7 AM Drive from Grand Rapids to Marquette, MI - Lunch at Clydes. If you don't know what that is, you will. Set up our Glampground in our cabins when we arrive in Marquette around 4 PM. Relax in the outdoor wintery hot tub.
  • February 8th: Cross country ski in the morning. Snowshoe in the afternoon. Blackrocks Brewery + 3rd Street Wandering in the evening.
  • February 9th: Ice Climb Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. We'll drive there from Marquette and will spend most of the day there. We'll have burritos for dinner at the Border Grill in Marquette for dinner.
  • February 10th: Fat Bike the Noquemanon Trail Network in the AM. Maybe in the PM, too. Dinner will be pasties, probably from Jean Kays.
  • February 11th: Depart for Grand Rapids at 8 AM. Stop at Bier de Mac for Din-lunch. Seriously great eats. Arrive at Switchback around 5 PM.
  • February 12th (Bonus day): Regret leaving Marquette. Begin real-estate shopping. Reconsider life goals and aspirations.

Common Questions:

  1. How difficult will this be? - It will be cold. VERY COLD. So it's less difficult if you wear clothing, and much better if that clothing is warm. Otherwise, you should be able to run a 5k, and have some upper-arm strength for climbing. That said, we'll be aiming for all experiences that are beginner friendly and expert enjoyable
  2. What do I need to bring? - Our package includes almost everything you will need. However, you are responsible for your clothing, footwear, toiletries, and some other optional equipment. This trip will have extra special winter clothing requirements so you will be safe. We'll get a packing list posted as soon as Mike gets around to making one. It will include water-proof jackets and pants for ice climbing, so heads up.
  3. Ok, I want to come. What are my next steps? - Follow the link on this page to pre-register. We will contact you to get things set up! Feel free to follow this link even if you just need more information before making your choice. In the meantime, pick some comfortable shoes and start going for walks!