Rental Guidelines and FAQ's

Our rental system has been getting a remodel! Please check back soon to start renting gear. 


Do I have to sign any paperwork? 

Yes. You will sign an electronic waiver during checkout. You can also view our paperwork here. 

What is included with a bike rental? 

Every bike comes with an optional helmet, lock, and front and rear lights. Our bikes are tuned before every rental. 

What should I bring when I pickup my gear?

Every renter must provide a valid ID upon pickup. 

For bike rentals, if you have your own helmet, lock, lights, seats, pedals or other accessories feel free to bring those to pickup! The Switchback crew is happy to help you trick out and fit your rental bike before you ride (fee's may apply for component swaps).

Is there an age requirements to rent? 

Yes, you must be 18 years or older, or be renting with an eligible parent/guardian. 

How do I return my rental equipment? 

Bikes: Make sure you are returning any lights, locks, helmets, and other accessories that came with your rental. Bikes must be reasonably clean upon return to avoid any additional service charges. Bring your rental equipment back to the shop and let us know how your ride went! 

Camping equipment: Do your best to dry and clean your equipment (please don't put any gear in the washing machine) and make sure that you are returning everything that came with your rental. Bring it all back to the shop and tell us about your trip! 

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