Static V

Static V

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The Klymit Static V is a lightweight camping pad using body mapping technology at an entry level price.  It features the v-chamber design which limits air movement and heat loss while offering a uniquely ergonomic body map which is optimized for performance and comfort. While inflating in approximately 10-15 breaths it will save you time and energy wherever you are.

  • Weight: 20 oz., 25 oz. (Insulated), 26.5 oz. (Luxe)

  • Dimensions: 72" x 23" x 2.5" (Static V & Insulated), 76" x 30" x 3" (Luxe)

  • Packed Size: 3.5" x 8", 5" x 9" (Insulated), 4.5" x 8" (Luxe)

  • Type: Air
  • Insulated Static V has synthetic insulation, limits air movement and heat loss for better support and comfort during any season. 

  • Luxe Static V is larger than the original and insulated. A full 30" fits two sleepers, or allows extra rolling room for one.