(Cancelled) May 3rd - May 31st - Head to Toe Hikers
(Cancelled) May 3rd - May 31st - Head to Toe Hikers
(Cancelled) May 3rd - May 31st - Head to Toe Hikers
(Cancelled) May 3rd - May 31st - Head to Toe Hikers
(Cancelled) May 3rd - May 31st - Head to Toe Hikers
(Cancelled) May 3rd - May 31st - Head to Toe Hikers

(Cancelled) May 3rd - May 31st - Head to Toe Hikers

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At SOS we believe that hiking in nature with fellow adventurers is good for the entire body. In other words, hiking is good for us from Head to Toe! Our wellness team members Sam Truby and Theresa Pearce invite you to experience a month of hiking, wellness education, and fun with us and a group of new friends.

To kick it off, we will spend an evening getting to know each other while talking about some of the foundations of this course. Then by using a private Facebook group, we will organize hikes, share resources with you, and provide pathways for you to participate in this community in whatever other ways that you grow best. Finally after a month of learning and practice, this group will take a day-long adventure to the lakeshore for a full day of hiking, reflection, and celebrating things to come. 

To join this course either pay the full amount above, or pay a deposit below. After you sign up, we will reach out with a welcome email!

Here is our commitment to you when you join this course:

  • Two wellness coaches and a group of people with the same goal: to use hiking to be well from head to toe! 
  • A private Facebook group where we will share resources and organize group hikes. 
  • 5 Guided hikes throughout the month (more can be organized by members like yourself!) 
  • Wellness coaching and resources: An ongoing place to ask questions, discuss topics, and learn through content that Theresa and Sam will provide. 
  • An introductory meeting where we will get to know each other and hear from you about what will help you grow during this course! We will also start getting into some of the foundations of hiking by talking about what to bring and expect when coming to a hike with us. 
  • We will organize a full-day adventure to the lakeshore complete with transportation, lunch on the trail, reflection and celebration!  

Throughout the month of May we will be exploring some of the most essential components of hiking and wellness including: how to prepare for a hike; what to bring; how to care for your body before, during and after a hike; and how connecting with nature is good for our brains. Each of the hikes that we organize will have a theme related to wellness, so we hope you will come to them all and integrate the information into your own wellness plan. If you can’t make a particular session we will post related information in a handout or video on the Facebook group for you.

Your commitment when you join this course:

  • We ask that before the start date of this course, you are comfortable with walking 1-mile at your own pace. We aren’t looking for time records, only requesting that everyone who joins is able to accomplish the same starting distance. 
  • We also ask that you attend the introduction on May 3rd, as well as the final adventure on May 31st (see the itinerary below).
  • Open Minds! While one goal of this course is to increase physical comfort and increase the distance we can walk, a key part of wellness is embracing the mental and social benefits of nature. We ask that you be willing to try new things, participate in discussions, and experience some activities that may  be slightly out of your comfort zone. 
  • As a member, you can add more hikes and gatherings to the group page, ask questions of members or the coaches, and join in on any events created by coaches or other members. We ask that you participate in at least 3 events put on by our coaches.


Each hike will have a topic and/or a special surprise. Some may include food for the brain and body, awareness and breath as a meditative experience, discussions on foot care or physical recovery after a hike, and more! At the initial meeting, we will discuss the things that you are most excited to explore, and base our hike topics off of your feedback as we go along. 

Mileage with these hikes will start at around 1-mile and slowly ramp up as the month goes on. The day hike locations will be announced after sign up. They all are within 10 miles of Grand Rapids.

  • Sunday, May 3rd at 3pm -> Intro Session
  • Wednesday, May 6th at 6pm -> Themed Hike 1 
  • Wednesday, May 13 at 6 pm -> Themed Hike 2
  • Sunday, May 17 at 2p  -> Themed Hike 3
  • Wednesday, March 20 at 6pm -> Themed Hike 4
  • Wednesday, May 27 at 6 pm -> Themed Hike 5
  • Sunday, May 31 All Day -> Ending Hike in Ludington State Park
    • Mileage will be determined once the group has been on some hikes together.

While anyone who is 18 years of age or older can join, most people who have expressed interest in this course are in their 40's or above. This course has a minimum registration of 10 people. Registration is open until April 19th. If at that point the minimum guest requirement is not met, full refunds or transfers will be issued.